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Maxi Climber Vertical Climbing Full Body Exercise Machine
Maxi Climber Vertical Climbing Full Body Exercise Machine
Maxi Climber Vertical Climbing Full Body Exercise Machine

Maxi Climber Vertical Climbing Full Body Exercise Machine

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The Vertical Climber is a full body exercise machine that imitates the movements of rock climbing to help you burn calories while strengthening and toning muscles. Vertical Climber engages all major muscle groups to burn calories and build muscle. Vertical Climber engages the upper, middle and lower body for an intense workout. A 10 minute with Vertical Climber burns more calories than walking, cycling and even running. Vertical Climber gives you affordable, calorie-blasting, body sculpting workout that enables you to perform both cardio and muscle toning all in the comfort of your own home.


The easy-to-setup vertical climber is a total body workout that can help you sculpt lean, sexy legs, rock-hard abs and toned, and strong triceps and biceps. By using your own body weight as resistance, Vertical Climber gives a great cardio and strength training workout without putting stress on the lower joints of your body. Climbing the Vertical Climber for an hour will burn an average of 500 calories, you get a full body workout that combines weight resistance, muscle toning, and aerobic exercise in one simple step, all in the comfort of your home.


The Conquer Vertical Climber is an affordable fitness machine that is very easy to use and operate. It has an ergonomic design that minimizes fatigue and ensures your comfort as you exercise to shred fat and improve your muscle tone.

The choice of an A-frame construction for its body ensures its sturdiness and durability. The dual handlebars can be adjusted to fit users of different heights. Usually, during operation, one set of arms remains stationary while the other moves up and down.

Interestingly, the weight limit of the Conquer vertical climber is 220 pounds, which is a great take considering the fact that many folding fitness machines in the same category have a lower limit.

Also, the machine comes with four-foot pads consisting of rubber. This use of a rubber material helps to prevent users from slipping and also protects the floor supporting the machine.

The inclusion of a digital monitor that displays useful information about your workout – such as time, calories burned, speed, and distance amongst others – helps you to monitor your progress and stay motivated.

Luckily, this fitness machine can be folded which allows for easy storage. Once you are done with a workout session, you can easily fold and store it in a small space, then roll it out when you want to make use of it again.

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