Glowy Soft Hair Removing Pads (ORIGINAL : SAWAY) – PKEmart
Glowy Soft Hair Removing Pads (ORIGINAL : SAWAY)
Glowy Soft Hair Removing Pads (ORIGINAL : SAWAY)
Glowy Soft Hair Removing Pads (ORIGINAL : SAWAY)
Glowy Soft Hair Removing Pads (ORIGINAL : SAWAY)
Glowy Soft Hair Removing Pads (ORIGINAL : SAWAY)
Glowy Soft Hair Removing Pads (ORIGINAL : SAWAY)

Glowy Soft Hair Removing Pads (ORIGINAL : SAWAY)

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Hair Removing Pads (ORIGINAL)

""Are you searching for a way to get rid of unwanted body hair ? ""

Hair Removal Pads:

Hair Removal Pads are the easiest, quickest and the most efficient way to remove unwanted body hairs. No need to visit salon, no danger of hot wax, no cuts with razors and no foul smelling of hair removal cream just a simple, non-complicated hair removal crystal pad that is hard on hair but gentle on skin.

No more hair removal wax , hair removal cream , hair removal machine , No more burns .Waxing can be really painful especially for people who have sensitive skin and who uses hair removal cream etc. For them, this hair removal pads online Tvshopee is a savior. It is made up of soft material, so it will not irritate your skin. Moreover, it will soothe your skin and improve your blood circulation. This hair removal scrubber will remove your hair completely as well as exfoliate the dead skin, so that your skin becomes smooth and soft.

How to Use :

 It's actually used for upper lips hair remover, facial hair, eyebrows, bikini line & smaller areas of body.

1. Make use of Nano applicator to get rid of hair present on the smaller sections of the body.

2. Insert the Nano crystal pad in the Nano applicator.

3. Now start massaging the applicator on your skin in clockwise and counter clockwise. 

4. You will get rid of hair instantly.

Razor-Less Hair Removal Cream – Intra Fancy

For hands, legs, underarms & bigger areas of the body.

1. Insert the big crystal pads in the big applicator.

2. Now start massaging the applicator on the bigger areas of the body such as hands, legs, etc.

The applicator will remove more hair at once and provide you with quick results. Make clockwise and counter clockwise movements for better effects.

Features :

  •  10 Pads with 1 Applicators
  •  Painless Hair Removal
  •  Reusable & Portable
  • Free Storage Pouch

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  • General Features :

  •  Effectively Removes Unwanted Hair
  •  Unisex Product
  •  Safe
  •  Inexpensive
  •  Fast Results

    Gentle on your eyes but still slightly exfoliating on the rest of ...


  • Condition : A brand-new, unused and skin-safe Hair Removal Pad that is fully operational and functions as intended.
  •  Shade : Baby Pink
  •  Type : Beauty Care (Hair Removal Pads)
  •  Additional info :improves blood circulation, exfoliates dead skin, etcBesoft Hair Removal Pads - Instant Hair Remover Pads - As seen on ...

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